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Important Message from Food Services


Last week the USDA extended waivers allowing all students under the age of 18 to receive free meals. The Hooksett School District is working with the State to provide this benefit to our students. These waivers will cover meals starting immediately and are covered through December 31, 2020 or UNTIL FUNDS RUN OUT whichever comes first. With that being said, we are encouraging all parents to continue to fill out “Free and Reduced” applications as they normally would at the beginning of any school year. Families who normally wouldn’t qualify may this year under new guidelines during this pandemic. When funds run out we need to have these applications already in place for a seamless transition to the National School Lunch Program and proper charging of student accounts. Applications for “Free and Reduced” meals are used for so many other financial benefits for our students and schools such SAT, ACT, AP fees, college app fees, internet access and school funding for resources needed are just some of the benefits of applying.

This waiver is also extended to our remote learners as well through a curbside pickup. These meals will need to be ordered in the morning prior to picking them up at your student’s school. If you would like to receive meals for your remote student please contact me via my email at for more details and pick up times and locations.

Our menu is posted on the website of each school and we will follow this menu for both onsite and offsite meals. These waivers will only cover a ”complete meal” and will not assist in the cost of seconds, extras, snacks or special beverages etc. It does not cover snack milk for any student in the elementary schools who offer it.

When the USDA informs our School District that the Funds have run out or the date of coverage has expired we will inform you at once. This could be a fairly short notice which is why we encourage parents to fill out their applications in the next week or so.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE, for your patience during these unprecedented times. As always we enjoy feeding your children.

Cindy Nusbaum
Nutrition Services Director for the Hooksett School District 603 518-5047 x5023

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