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Cawley Student Placements 2024 – 2025

Dear Parents,

The administration and staff of Cawley Middle School will soon begin the process of placing students into classes for the 2024 – 2025 school year.  We believe that the proper placement of your child is very important and we carefully consider all relevant information that will enable your child to have a positive school experience.  Our goal is to provide a learning environment that will lead to the best possible learning experience for each child.

Grade-level teams, composed of classroom teachers, special education teachers, school counselors and administrators, make the placement decisions. The teams, when making decisions, use all available and appropriate information. Our goal is to provide every opportunity for success for your child when final assignments for next year’s classes are complete.  Information about your child’s learning style and your opinions about the kind of environment that you believe would best suit your child may be useful to the placement team.

The placement teams will not consider requests for specific teachers or requests to be with other students.  There will be several changes in team configurations at Cawley next year; therefore, requests for particular teams may not be fulfilled.  If you have additional information regarding your child’s learning that should be considered by the placement teams, please submit your comments to me, in writing by Tuesday, May 16, 2024. We will not be able to consider any information received after this date.  Thank you for your understanding and support in this process.


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Matthew Benson

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