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Health and Safety Protocols Updated – March 23, 2021

Dear Parents,

The  New Hampshire Health and Human Services Bureau of Infectious Disease Control recently updated their COVID-19 quarantine guidance for schools along with the travel guidance update.  We are hopeful that this guidance will help us keep more students in school if a positive case arises.  The guidance states that NH DPHS will no longer recommend quarantine for students or staff after a positive COVID-19 exposure if that exposure occurs in the classroom setting where students and staff are seated at least three feet apart with consistent and correct face mask use.  It is important to note that this guidance only applies to controlled and monitored classroom settings.  The school bus, physical education class and other times when students are not seated with consistent mask use are not included in this guidance.  There still may be a need to exclude staff and students from school in some cases.  It is also possible for students or staff to be quarantined for out of school exposure as well.

As a reminder, the new travel guidance no longer requires quarantine upon return to New Hampshire after domestic travel (regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status), this includes domestic travel to U.S. territories.  People who travel internationally or on a cruise ship are still required to quarantine upon arrival to New Hampshire, unless diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 infection in the prior 90 days or fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  This means that students and staff who travel within the United States will no longer need to quarantine upon returning to New Hampshire.

In light of some of these recent changes, we have updated the Cawley Middle School Reopening Manual with the changes noted in red.  If you have any questions regarding this guidance or our protocols, please contact me.


Matthew Benson

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