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Pick Up Patrol Introduction to Parents

Dear Hooksett School District Parents/Guardians,

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our school community, we will need every student to be screened by their parent/guardian before they depart for the bus or arrive on campus each day. 

BEFORE SCHOOL: You will need to use the PickUp Patrol program to screen your children each morning before leaving for school. You will be required to answer the COVID-19 screening questions and submit your child’s temperature. Based on your answers, you will either receive a response to proceed to school or to follow the provided instructions. Your responses will be monitored by authorized school administrators. 

  • Please complete the screening each day by 7:00 AM for Cawley Middle School.
  • Please complete the screening each day by 8:10 AM for Hooksett Memorial School.
  • Please complete the screening each day by 8:10 AM for Fred C. Underhill School.

WHEN STUDENTS ARRIVE AT SCHOOL: If the daily screening is not completed via the PickUp Patrol before the cut-off time, your child will be screened for symptoms upon arrival to school.

REGISTRATION: Be on the lookout for an email from PickUp Patrol (PUP) with a registration link. You must register with this link BEFORE you can log into the program. This email describes several uses for PickUp Patrol. Cawley Middle School will be using Pick Up Patrol for only the daily health screening information. Underhill School and Hooksett Memorial School will be using Pick Up Patrol for submitting dismissal plans and plan changes, dismissal tracking, attendance reporting and daily health screening information. 

ADDING THE PROGRAM TO YOUR PHONE: The program is free to parents and you can use it from your smartphone or computer. The PickUp Patrol program is not downloaded from the app store. For instructions on how to add it to your smartphone click HERE.

REMINDER: You will receive a reminder, if you forget to submit. As unsubmitted screenings will require follow-up, so we also suggest you set up your own reminder. 

If you have any questions, please contact the schools’ main office staff or PickUp Patrol at 

Thank you for doing your part to help keep our school community safe!


Matthew Benson

Stephen Harrises

Benjamin Loi


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