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SAU 15 Virtual Art Show: Unrestrained Creativity

Over the past three months, we, the visual art teachers of SAU15 took the opportunity in our current situation to meet weekly and talk about the arts. Initially, we came together as a way to support and encourage each other through this unusual time in education but like all teachers, our conversations always revolved around our students. When we met, we shared lessons ideas and art submissions with each other. The idea of a district-wide exhibition was born out of our shared joy in seeing and sharing our students’ work with one another. We know how creative our students are and therefore we would like to honor the student’s efforts as visual artists throughout this remote learning period.

Artists require and are driven by, the ability to communicate and share ideas. Since leaving the traditional classroom setting, we have all had to manage ingenious ways of creating, collaborating and communicating. The students across Auburn, Candia and Hooksett have worked hard to create visual art on a weekly basis, all from distance. Every student has managed to troubleshoot a variety of digital hurdles, access to limited media, and of course, create in a space where restrictions on the way we live are high. This is an incredible achievement and everyone has done a commendable job!

On behalf of Mrs. Fritz, Mrs. Gleason, Mrs. Merill, Mrs. White and Mrs. Fuller we are proud to showcase the incredible creations generated by our K- 8 students from SAU15.

We hope you enjoy and are able to share in the pride we have for all of you!


William J. Rearick
SAU 15 Superintendent of Schools

Link to SAU 15 Virtual Art Show: Unrestrained Creativity

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