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Veterans Day Assembly and Recognition of Veterans

Cawley Families,

As Veteran’s Day approaches we would like to take the opportunity to honor the service and sacrifice of those service members in our students’ lives. If your family includes a veteran (or veterans), we invite you and your child to complete the attached form and return it to your child’s Social Studies teacher. As we did last year, we will be creating displays of forms completed by students and staff in each of the grade level hallways to honor veterans and recognize the impact that military service has had on the Cawley community. You are welcome to fill out as many forms as you like. Social Studies teachers have additional copies or you can make copies on your own.

Please feel free to include all family members who have served whether they are living or deceased as well as those who may not technically be family, but have that role in your child’s life. We are looking to honor all those who have served in the military both in times of peace and times of conflict, in more modern times or decades ago, stateside or overseas. It would be wonderful to have photographs of your veteran to include in our display. If not, your student and you can use another image to represent them.

Please label any photograph that you send in with your child’s name and Social Studies teacher in case it accidentally becomes separated from their form. We will make every effort to return photographs to students in the same condition that they were sent in, but please understand that due to the nature of a hallway display, accidents may happen and photos may be damaged or misplaced. Please do not send in a photograph that you consider irreplaceable.

In addition to our hallway displays, the Cawley community will gather for a Veteran’s Day assembly on November 4, 2019. We would like to extend an invitation to the veterans in our students’ lives to join us at 1:15 that afternoon for the assembly. Please complete the google form ( ​​ ) by November 1st if your student has a veteran or veterans that plan to attend so that we can plan accordingly. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Levesque at​.


The Cawley Social Studies Department

Mr. Gartland, Ms. Gauvain, Ms. Devine, Ms. Levesque, Ms. Whitcher and Ms. Sarette

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