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President’s Education Awards Program

On June 13, 2019, during the Cawley Middle School Recognition Ceremony, certificates were given to eighty five eighth graders as part of the President’s Education Awards Program. The President’s Education Awards Program, sponsored by the US Department of Education and the  National Association of Secondary School Principals, was developed to help principals recognize and honor those students who have achieved high academic goals through hard work and a dedication to learning. The program consists of two awards, the President’s Award for Educational Excellence and the President’s Award for Educational Achievement. For each award, students received special certificates signed by President Trump, the U. S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and Mr. Benson.

The students who are receiving the Outstanding Academic Excellence Award for achieving an A average at the Cawley Middle School are: Karuna Acharya, Kylie Barnhart, Katie Boudreau, James Bridges, Hailee Bulger, Teaghan Casey, Gabriella Crockwell, Briana Danis, Reiley DeVall, Ian Dresser, Vivian Duhaime, Asim Durakovic, Mya Gaspie, Madison Gehris, Aidan Gravina, George Kalampalikis, Gabriel Keefe, Faith Mamos, Leah Martell, Kaitlyn McHugh, Ava Morton, Isabelle Nelson, Sean O’Mara, Wendy Parcel, Tyler Peltak, Elise Saab, Julia Salvas, Abigail Stark, Makenna True, Irherhe Unukegwo, Jack Van Horn, Jordan Wheaton, Autumn Wood, and Kaley Wood.

The students who received the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for having earned an A- average are:  Chase Abbott, Brady Anderson, Ashley Baillargeon, Hailey Beaudoin, Haleigh Bowler, Cooper Brockway, Ethan Chow, Austin Courtemanche, Olivia Curran, Joseph Czekanski, Skylar D’Amore, Samuel Danforth, Nicholas DiMaggio, Andrew Downer, Anel Dzinic, Cole Forkey, Madison Gibeault, Nahtasha Gionet, Elijah Gosselin, Aabhusan Gurung, Kanchan Gurung, Krish Gurung, Labin Gurung, Reese Hatin, Emma Houston, Sara Kane, Aliyah Krestalica, Jason Labrecque, Jacob Lamphere, Isabella Landry, Carissa Lannen, Sophia Lawyer, William Louiselle, Joanne Magnifico, Jacob Maloney, Tyler Manning, Michelle McGonigle, Carson Miller, Grace Moody, Camden Normand, Jack Patti, Claudia Perkins, Adriana Quintal, Chloe Record, Sarah Rousseau, Hannah Ruggiero, Logan Sarrasin, Adrianna Soucy, Janvi Thorn, Samuel Tilton, and Marcus Vasquez.

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