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CoderZ Cyber Robotics Competition

For the second year in a row “The New Hampshire Cyber Robotics Coding Competition” is being offered to CMS students. This is an exciting online competition, featuring a virtual, 3D animated robot, with a focus on computer code development. The first part of the competition, “Bootcamp,” lasts from October 15 through November 4. During Bootcamp, students participate in guided online “missions.” Students can even access Bootcamp missions at home.

On November 5, the Qualifier round begins. For these missions, students must use the knowledge gained from Bootcamp to compete in 20 missions. Schools who complete the most challenges and have the highest participation and diversity of students by November 14,  will advance to the finals. We will choose the students who have the highest total of points during the qualifier round to represent our school if we are chosen for the finals. Please help us reach the finals by encouraging your child to complete at least 10 Bootcamp missions by November 4, 2018.

If your child is under 13 years of age, you will receive an email notification requesting parent permission to participate.

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