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ImPACT and Balance Concussion Baseline Testing

On Friday, September 28, 2018, Cawley Middle School will be offering ImPACT and balance testing for all Cawley Middle School students free of cost. ImPACT testing is a computerized exam that measures cognitive functions such as memory, processing speed, and reaction time. Balance is tested using an iPad attached to the student’s waist. These tests are used by healthcare professionals to determine your child’s readiness to return to play after a head injury. This first test provides a baseline that is used for comparison if a head injury is suspected.

The ImPACT test is not a definitive test to determine if your child has a concussion. The test is a tool that does not replace a comprehensive evaluation by a medical professional.

If your child sustains a head injury he/she should seek a full physical examination by a healthcare provider (physician, athletic trainer, etc.). The chosen healthcare provider should use the ImPACT test as a tool to determine if your child has returned to his/her baseline neurocognitive function. A neuropsychologist should evaluate ImPACT test data, as they are the most qualified to interpret the results. Any test data can be shared with a physician of your choice.

There is no school September 28, 2018 and ImPACT and balance testing will take place in Room 122. Testing will take place between 9 AM – 12PM. Appointments are available on the hour.

Please sign up for a timeslot using the following link:

Students must be present with a signed consent form on second page or must be present with their parent/guardian. If you are unable to make the time slotted for you, or have any difficulty signing up, please contact Amy Hollingworth at (603) 627-9728 to schedule a time.

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