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President’s Education Awards Program

On June 18, 2018, at the annual Recognition Evening held at the Cawley Middle School 93 eighth grade students received certificates from the President’s Education Awards Program. The President’s Education Awards Program in conjunction with the National Association of Elementary School Principals and the National Association of Secondary School Principals was developed to help principals recognize and honor those students who have achieved high academic goals by their hard work and dedication to learning.  The program consists of two awards, the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence and the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. For each award, students received special certificates signed by President Trump, the U. S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and Cawley Middle School Principal Matthew Benson.

The students who received the Outstanding Academic Excellence Award for achieving an A- average at the Cawley Middle School are:  James Royce Andrews, Anthony Bautista, Deven Bizzarro, Ana Bjelogrlic, Austin Bobay, Jessica Bolduc, Ethan Boucher, Alicia Carette, Declan Casey, Alaura Cross-Stroman, Madison Croteau, Alexis Cusson, Madeline Donohue, Alexia Dutton, Brady Ellis, Riggs Fablia, Emma Gardner, Agrima Gurung, Alexandra Hansen, Retta Hatin, Skylar Hattendorf, Abigail Heath, Connor Howe, Nicholas Kafkoulas, Matthew Kahn, Cailyn Kouhoupt, Allison Lamphere, Audrey Lidster, Makenna Lord, Maxwell Lukeman, David Malenchini, Connor McMahon, Matthew Miclette, Isabell Moloney, Johnathan Moloney, Rebecca Montminy, Leah Morin, Ariana Nelson, Diamond Page, Anakin Paige, Jozlyn Piwowarczyk, Zoey Robertson, Owen Rowley, Brady Santin, Ethan Scherer, Brooke Skafas, Katherine Somerville, Gabriel Thibodeau, Logan Vorias, Olivia Welch, Tyson Whitaker, Samara Willis, Jack Withee, Kaleb Wood

The students who received the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for having earned a B+ average are:  Elena Aparicio, Joshua Armor, Caleb Barker, Hailey Blais, Artur Bon, Ally Bordeleau, Alison Bright, Jeremy Burke, Nicholas Chabot, Nicholas Chaffee, Jake Cooper, Gage DeBlois, Treaven Dionne, Nathan Griffin, O’Niyah Hamilton, Caden Kelly, Nicholas Lambert, Alyssa Lampron, Skyelar Levesque, Andrew Lizotte, Aiden Martino, Jack McCarthy, Cooper Michaud, Caitlin Montminy, Gavin O’Brien, Sarah Pinard, Grace Preston, Zachary Rivet, Iesha Rodriquez-Velez, Colby Russel, Ethan Russell, Anthony Salcito, Juliana Sanchez, William Shields, Nicholas Smith, David Stone, Sasha Stylianos, Adam Verney, Bailey White

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