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Active Shooter Training for HPD

Last week while school was not in session for students as a result of April vacation the Hooksett Police Department conducted active shooter trainings for three days at Cawley Middle School. The Hooksett Police Department fired blank ammunition during the trainings. At no time was any live ammunition fired during the trainings.

Today three staff members found blank ammunition shells in the building. Mr. Benson immediately contacted the Hooksett Police Department and they verified that the casings found were the blank ammunition used during last week’s training. The police also communicated to Mr. Benson that there is no danger associated with the blank rounds.

The active shooter training by the Hooksett Police Department was planned and implemented as another strategy to protect the students and staff at Cawley Middle School.

If you have further questions regarding the active shooter training please contact the School Resource Officer, Gary Blanchette at 518 – 5047. Please contact Mr. Benson if you have any further questions or concerns.

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