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Cyber Robotics Coding Competition

The New Hampshire Cyber Robotics Coding Competition is a new and exciting online competition, featuring a virtual, 3D animated robot. The focus is on code development. Winners will be the schools who can best strategize, plan and complete the challenges.

On Nov 6, 2017, the competition begins. The first phase is Boot Camp where the students get access to a series of challenges to solve by coding the virtual robots. The challenges at this level are supported to get the students ready for the second phase. Schools who complete the most challenges and have the highest participation and diversity of students, teachers and grades before Dec 4th will advance to the finals.

From December 4-8 students will participate in a week long coding event with master challenges.

All students are invited and encouraged to participate. We are in the process of trying to register as many students as possible. The students can practice until the competition begins on Monday. Students will be able to access computers during flex and can also do this at home. If you want to register your child at home go to: and click on the join button.

6th grade code david_6
7th grade code david_7
8th grade code david_8

Please help us reach the finals and encourage your child to complete at least 5 missions by December 4th. Please email with any questions.

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